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MPP2-Boston Workshop

Dec 2016 MPP Workshop Retreat

The official MPP-Boston Workshop website is at mpp2016.strikingly.com. This page serves as an archive of the schedule.
Special thanks to the organizing committee: Christina Chen, Jodi Saia, William Shih, and Peng Yin.

Friday December 9, 2016

Location: Martin Conference Center (3rd Floor Rotunda); 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA 02115

Time Name Description
7:30 AM Registration Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM William Shih/Peng Yin Welcome and Overview
  SESSION 1 Chair: William Shih
8:40 AM Vinny Manoharan Invited Talk: Responsive and dynamic DNA-grafted colloidal particles
9:10 AM Lulu Qian A Cargo-sorting DNA Robot
9:30 AM Nick Porubsky Constrained Multistate Sequence Design for Nucleic Acid Reaction Pathway Engineering A Rogues Gallery of DNA Self-Assembly Algorithms
9:50 AM Dave Doty A Rogues Gallery of DNA Self-Assembly Algorithms
10:10 AM Coffee Break Catered
  SESSION 2 Chair: Richard Murray
10:35 AM Mary Dunlop Invited Talk: Dynamics, Feedback, and Transient Antibiotic Resistance
in Single Cells
11:05 AM Thomas Schaus ‘APR’ technology continuously generates DNA records of molecular interaction
11:25 AM Jocelyn Kishi Dynamic Synthesis through Primer Exchange Reaction Cascades
11:45 PM Siddharth Jain Decoding the Past
12:05 PM Lunch Catered
  SESSION 3 Chair: William Shih
1:10 PM Michael Brenner Invited Talk: Towards Dyson Metabolisms
1:40 PM Yaoyu Yang Synthetic bistability and antibiotic resistance memory in S. cerevisiae
2:00 PM Randolph Lopez A Molecular Classifier for Gene Expression Diagnostics
2:20 PM Bhavik Nathwani High-throughput biochemistry using Multiplexed Mechanochemistry Assay
2:40 PM Snack Break Catered
  SESSION 4 Chair: Peng Yin
3:10 PM Johan Paulsson Invited Talk: The role of fluctuations in individual cells
3:40 PM Sifang Chen Programmable DNA Pattern Formation
4:00 PM Gourab Chatterjee Modular Construction of Molecular Circuits using Spatial Organization
4:30 PM   Move en masse to the Wyss Institute (3 Blackfan Circle, Boston, MA 02115)
5:00 PM Last name B—L Poster Session I – Wyss Institute (5th floor CLSB, Room 521), catered
Evening Dinner on your own  

Saturday December 10, 2016

Martin Conference Center (3rd Floor Rotunda)

Time Name Description
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast  
  SESSION 5 Chair: Erik Winfree
8:30 AM Doug Densmore Invited Talk: Living Computing Project
9:00 AM Luvena Ong Expanding the unique addressability of 3D DNA nanostructures
9:20 AM Philip Petersen Fractal assembly of micron-scale uniquely-addressable DNA origami arrays
9:40 AM Coffee Break Catered
  SESSION 6 Chair: Lulu Qian
10:10 AM Luhan Yang Invited Talk: Rewrite the pig genome for xenotransplantation
10:40 AM Elisha Krieg Selective Sequestration and Scalable Production of Long Single-Stranded DNA
11:00 AM Cody Geary Computer Aided Design of RNA Origami Structures
11:20 PM Anandh Swaminathan A Python toolbox for simulation and parameter inference in synthetic biology
11:40 AM Lunch Catered
  SESSION 7 Chair: Deborah Fygenson
1:00 PM Angela Belcher Invited Talk: M13 Phage as a biological toolkit for applications in energy and medicine
1:30 PM Vipul Singhal Data Driven Reduction of Extract to Extract Variability in Cell Free Systems
1:50 PM Adam Cohen Invited Talk: Engineering electrically excitable tissues
2:20 PM Erik Winfree Stochastic Local Search and Chemical Reaction Networks
2:40 PM   Move en masse to the Wyss Institute
3:00 PM Last name N—Z Poster Session II – Wyss Institute (5th floor CLSB, Room 521), catered
4:45 PM   Move to the Martin Conference Center
5:00 PM Dinner Catered

Sunday December 11, 2016

Trainee Workshop – Martin Conference Center (3rd Floor Rotunda)

Time Name Description
9:00 AM Continental Breakfast Catered
10:00 AM Welcome Remarks Science Speed Dating: talk about your science in pairs to 10 people, 5 min per pair
11:00 AM Small Group Project #1 Using molecular programming, design a system that solves an important societal challenge. Groups of 7, 20 min design, 3 min presentation
12:00 PM Lunch Catered
1:00 PM Small Group Discussion Discuss talks from main MPP event
2:00 PM Small Group Project #2 Use molecular programming to design a system that expands our knowledge of the universe. Groups of 7, 20 min design, 3 min presentation
3:00 PM Round Table & Closing Remarks Whole group on future of molecular programming
4:00 PM+ Boston excursion on your own