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MPP2-Finale Workshop

June 2019 MPP Workshop Retreat

This is the official MPP-Caltech Finale Workshop website.
Special thanks to the organizing committee: Erik Winfree, Lulu Qian, Angie Riley, and Lucinda Acosta. Registration is by email to Erik.

Thursday June 27, 2019

Location: Talks in Annenberg 105. Registration, refreshment, and posters in Moore courtyard and walk.

Time Name Description
8:30 AM Registration Continental breakfast
9:00 AM Erik Winfree Welcome and overview
  SESSION 1 Chair: Erik Winfree
9:15 AM Tural Aksel Development of a DNA origami platform for cryo-EM studies of small proteins
9:40 AM Dio Minev Programmable nucleation of 1D DNA nanostructures with DNA slats
10:05 AM Nikhil Gopalkrishnan Molecular rulers
10:30 AM Coffee break Catered
  SESSION 2 Chair: Niles Pierce
11:00 AM Nick Porubsky Constrained multiobjective design of nucleic acid complexes, test tubes, and reaction pathways
11:25 AM Mark Fornace Improved methods for predicting the thermodynamics of nucleic acids
11:50 AM Stefan Badelt A general-purpose CRN-to-DSD compiler with formal verification, optimization, and simulation capabilities
12:15 PM Lunch On your own
  SESSION 3 Chair: Dave Doty
2:15 PM Josie Kishi Molecular robots and lightsabers
2:40 PM Kevin Cherry Building a DNA-based neural network that learns to recognize patterns
3:05 PM Constantine Evans Pattern recognition through kinetic control of spontaneous nucleation in multifarious self-assembly
3:30 PM Snack break Catered
  SESSION 4 Chair: Mark Riedel
4:00 PM Cody Geary Modular design of functional RNA origami scaffolds
4:25 PM Siddharth Jain A novel signature for cancer classification from healthy DNA
4:50 PM Lee Organick Probing the physical limits of reliable DNA data retrieval
5:15 PM Poster session  
Evening Dinner On your own

Friday June 28, 2019

Location: Talks in Annenberg 105. Registration and refreshment in Moore courtyard and walk.

Time Name Description
8:30 AM Continental breakfast Catered
  SESSION 5 Chair: Lulu Qian
9:00 AM Zibo Chen Alumnus talk: Programmable design of orthogonal protein heterodimers and logic gates
9:25 AM Mark Riedel Alumnus talk: DNA storage and computation via nick displacement
9:50 AM Coffee break Catered
  SESSION 6 Chair: Greg Tikhomirov
10:15 AM Dave Doty Alumnus talk: Crystals that think about how they’re growing
10:40 AM David Soloveichik Alumnus talk: Thermodynamic binding networks and the computational power of self-disassembly
11:05 AM Break  
  SESSION 7 Chair: David Soloveichik
11:30 AM William Shih Faculty thesis: Scalable data storage and autonomous molecular recording are related killer apps for molecular programming
12:15 AM Lunch On your own
  SESSION 8 Chair: William Shih
2:15 PM Niles Pierce Faculty thesis: Molecular programming in a biological context: hard but worth it
3:00 PM Richard Murray Faculty thesis: Engineers are going to build a self-reproducing artificial cell entirely from scratch in 20 years
3:45 PM Snack break Catered
  SESSION 9 Chair: Paul Rothemund
4:15 PM Lulu Qian Faculty thesis: The same molecules will be playing multiple roles in future programmable molecular machines
5:00 PM Erik Winfree Faculty thesis: A successful general-purpose molecular programming language won’t look anything at all like conventional programming languages
5:45 PM Erik Winfree Conclusion and last words
6:00 PM Break  
6:30 PM Dinner Athenaeum

Saturday June 29, 2019

Informal hike on Millard Canyon Trail for anyone interested.
Meet in the Moore Building courtyard at 10 AM sharp. Plan your carpool.