Turberfield MPP 2011

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Controlled transport and reactions using DNA

  • Andrew Turberfield
  • University of Oxford


DNA self-assembly provides a flexible platform for the exploration of synthetic molecular systems, including biomimetic systems for transport and synthesis. Molecular machinery made from DNA can be used to move cargoes along self-assembled trackways. I shall present recent results on long-range transport (100 nm in 16 steps) and programmable movement on branched DNA tracks. I shall also show how DNA machines can be used to direct chemical synthesis, and explore the potential of systems that combine motion with synthesis.

  • [1] S. F. J. Wickham et al., Nature Nanotech 6, 166 (2011)
  • [2] R. A. Muscat, J. Bath and A.J. Turberfield, Nano Lett. 11, 982 (2011)
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