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Solving Hard Puzzle and Design Problems with Game-based Symbiosis of Humans and Computers

  • Zoran Popovic
  • University of Washington


This talk will explore a symbiotic human-computer architecture and it's promise towards solving problems that currently cannot be solved by computers or people alone. As our recent Nature paper on predicting protein structures with an online multiplayer game shows, games can make a significant impact on traditional science discovery processes and in particular on biochemistry problems due to their natural 3D structural nature. This new space of games, scientific discovery games, presents a unique set of challenges orthogonal to the usual challenges in computational science as well as in game design. This talk will discuss the challenges encountered designing such games and approaches to overcoming them. I will conclude with a wide range of problems that can be similarly addressed with a game driven scientific discovery. I will specifically focus on our current efforts that expand this paradigm towards drug and vaccine discovery, DNA computing, novel material discoveries, etc. I will conclude with the MPP-meeting exclusive challenge for all participants based on a yet-to-be released scientific game.

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