Noireaux MPP 2011

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A cell-free expression toolbox: application to synthetic gene circuits and artificial cell

  • Vincent Noireaux
  • University of Minnesota


Our laboratory has developed a cell-free expression toolbox that is used for two purposes: (i) the construction and the study of elementary gene circuits and (ii) a bottom-up approach to unicellular life. I will present the toolbox and discuss why cell-free expression is becoming a powerful technique to reconstruct information processes in the test tube. I will show how elementary gene circuits can be engineered in vitro using the toolbox and I will discuss the dynamical properties of these circuits. Cell-free expression can be also carried out inside synthetic phospholipids vesicles, a sort of artificial cell system. I will discuss the challenges to develop these liposomes as DNA programmable phospholipids vesicles. The perspectives and the limitations of this approach will be discussed.

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